Our expertise

Our creations are made from different varieties from apples, rigorously selected, all coming from Normandy. The recipe, patiently elaborated and jealously guarded, is inspired from the cider served at Sassy Castel for many generations. It was reinvented with the help of our cellar master in order to adapt to your delicate palate, at the same time keeping up with our aim for excellence.

The SASSY Spirit

SASSY (US Informal) : impertinent, lively 
100 % natural, Sassy encourages a disruptive spirit in the universe of cider and advocates for the return of the “real taste”. All our creations descend directly and uniquely from the fruit extraction, without any additives or concentrates.  Going against conventions, Sassy brings out the local cider and invites you for an aperitif. L’Inimitable, la Sulfureuse and le Vertueux meet each other in the bars with their large wave of freshness and flavour made in Normandy.

The Taste & The Lightness

The cider is the naturally alcoholic beverage that is the lowest in calories. Gluten-free, it is extremely refreshing and intensely fruity.
Sassy is divided into 3 distinctive products :
– L’ Inimitable (5.2°) : drier than its two acolytes, he keeps the fruity flavour and the acidulous notes.
– La Sulfureuse (3°) : smooth, it reveals some very fruity notes.
– Le Vertueux (2,5°) : brisk and acid, it leaves a tender and light taste in your mouth.

Our cidre
Our poire
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