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Cidre de Poire – 2,5 % 750ml (x 6)

Cidre de Poire – 2,5 % 750ml (x 6)


Made from 100% Normandy pears (12 varieties) grown and harvested near the Chateau de Sassy.

Crisp with subtle acidity and a smooth effervescence, balancing perfectly with the pear’s natural sugar. Best enjoyed as an apéritif or alongside fish, seafood and light chocolate desserts.

All our creations are 100% natural and without added sugars, colourings, additives, preservatives

Volume : 6 x 75 cl

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The Virtuous is created in the heart of Normandy, where all our orchards are located near the Château de SASSY. This high quality hand-crafted poiré, whose recipe is inherited from the poiré served at the Château, is based on a meticulous selection of pears from trees aged 100 years. Each fruit is hand-picked.

Delicate and refined, it distinguishes itself through its effervescence delicacy, its flavour’s purity and its acidulous end of mouth, balancing perfectly the pear’s natural sugar. It is perfect for the aperitif and goes very well with crustacean, fish and chocolate desserts.
Serve at 8°.

Loam and clays soil – The proximity to the forest gives the pear a distinctive acidity (due to the terroir), reduced by the sweetness of the loam and clays plains.

12 pear varieties, mainly plant de blanc, vinot, antricotin and belle-verge.

Bright & clear.

Sharp, acidulous and slightly tannic, it gives a subtle and soft end of mouth.

Distinct pears.

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