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Calvados XO

Calvados XO


The Château de Sassy is located in the heart of Normandy and is home to our organic apple orchards. Since tradition is such an integral part of our story, we base our blend on the family recipe from 1852. Once distilled, the eau de vie spends at least six years to give it the colour, structure and a sophisticated finish. Stewed apple aromas, nutmegs and notes of cocoa adds complexity to this exceptional Calvados. Best served as a digestif neat or with ice.



The orchard culture benefits environmen¬tally from no chemical treatment, the pre¬sence of sheeps to maintain the grass na-turally low and bee-hives are boosting the ecosystem through pollination.

We have loam and clay soils located around the Chateau de Sassy, similar to that you might find in Bordeaux. The proximity to the forest gives the apple a distinctive acidity reduced by the sweetness of the loam and clay soils.

October and November, slow alcoholic fermentation at 10-12 C and maturation on fine lees.

We are distilling an older cider (12 mon¬ths), drier, perfect for aging the several eau-de-vie. The column still distillation coupled with the blend of several eau-de-vie (6 to 10 years) will create a rich and complex XO Calvados. We distil 10,000L cider a day on the copper still, which runs 24/7 to give a continuity to the taste. We keep 30 % of the last year eau de vie in barrels, and on the last blend before bottling we add 70 % of the new eau de vie to the original 30 % (perpetual solera system).

Aged in oak casks for a minimum of 6 years. The aging process starts in small oak barrels (300L) to bring structure to the eau-de-vie and then transferred into barrels up to 2000L. We are using old bar¬rels (40 to 80 years) lower in tannins to highlight the fruit. We move the eau de vie twice a year and transfer it into diffe¬rent barrels (often ex-Pommeau) which highlights the fruitiness of the eau de vie. This process of changing barrels will oxygenate the eau-de-vie for a smoother mouthfeel experience.

Best appreciated as a digestif, neat or over ice.


  • Mouthfeel/Tasting notes : Stewe¬dapples, tarte tatin, , pepper, light woody aroma. Well balance between the tannins from the barrels and the vivacity of fresh fruits.
  • Colour : Amber-yellow color.
  • Nose : Stewed apples, spices.
  • Bottle 70cl
  • ABV 40 %
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