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The SASSY spirit

Normandy is our home and cider is our heritage. By reinventing perceptions about what authentic French cider can deliver, we’re giving back to the land and the community that nurtured us.

100 % Natural, SASSY is a disruptive force in the world of cider and offers a return to “real taste”. All of our creations come directly from the fruit, without any additives. Going against conventions, SASSY invites you to drink cider in new ways and with renewed enjoyment. Our Brut, Poiré and Rosé fulfil different ambitions and will satisfy all your cider needs with freshness and flavour, all from the heart of Normandy.

About Maison Sassy

A tradition made in Normandy

SASSY isn’t simply cidre. Our handcrafted concoctions blend authentic Norman provenance with contemporary cocktail culture to create exceptional aperitifs, low calorie wine alternatives and extraordinary cocktail ingredients.

All of our creations are made from a complex blend of cider apples, meticulously selected by hand in Normandy. The recipes took years to perfect and are closely guarded, having been inspired by the work of generations of cider lovers at The Chateau de Sassy.

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La collection de cidres SASSY

Discover our collection of extremely refreshing and intensely fruity ciders.


Cidre Brut

Le Vertueux Maison SASSY


La Sulfureuse Maison SASSY

Cidre Rosé

L'Angélique Maison SASSY

Cidre Organic

Discover our ciders
Récompenses Maison SASSY

Internationally awarded ciders

Great Taste, UK
Winner Great Taste 2020, 2*

Organic Award
Best Organic Cider in the world 2020

International Cider Challenge
Vice Best Cider in the world 2019

Bartender’s Bar Award
Best Rose Cider in the world 2020

Japan Cider Award
Best Pear Cider in the World 2019

Discover irresistible cocktail recipes with SASSY cidres, to share for all occasions. Our bar offers revisited classic cocktails and expert’s recipes, inspired by our cider.

Classics  Inspired by experts

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