« Winter Cocktail » – our top pick

How about a cider cocktail this winter ? Are you more of a whisky, cognac, rum or low-alcohol fan ? There’s something for every taste !

« Cidre Chaud » by Camille Vidal, Madame Saint-Germain

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A cocktail that’ll warm you up this winter. Head to St-Germain’s London pop-up ‘Winter Bloom’ or read more on Camille Vidal’s blog, Maison Wellness.

The recipe :


“Winter Tiki” by Quaff Magazine


Take some whisky, a bit of Procrastination, add our very own The Virtuous pear cidre and a dash of maple syrup… all your essentials for the perfect winter !
This is a cocktail to enjoy with a gourmet dessert : you can find more information on Quaff Magazine

The recipe :

Garnish : pear, ground cinnamon

“Incider Cocktail” by Cocotte, London


Notting Hill’s delicious Cocotte restaurant is serving up a cocktail with a mix of fruity flavours this winter. Perfect for quenching your thirst after a stroll around the area’s colourful streets !

The recipe :

“Pomme Empoisonnée” by Quaff Magazine


The Passionate rosé cidre pairs perfectly with Hystérie, and the nuts bring a real softness to this winter cocktail, mixed by the talented team at Quaff Magazine.
Pair with strong cheese or apple/red fruit-based desserts !

The recipe :

Garnish : cinnamon flambé, nuts

The “SASSY Chocolate”, by Notes Coffee

SASSY Chocolate cocktail

Could there be anything better than a chocolate-flavoured cocktail to fight off the winter blues ? This one is being whipped up by Notes cafes across London to celebrate the end of the year in style.

The recipe :

“Mulled Cider” at the Pavillon des Canaux 

Mulled Cider Pavillon Canaux

Welcome to the Pavillon des Canaux, a bar in the style of a traditional house that overlooks the bassin de la Villette in Paris.
On the menu you’ll find the ‘Mulled Cider’ ; a hot cider with a twist.

The recipe :

Also to discover :

The “Smoking Hot”


Garnish : caramelised apple

“SASSY Delight”


Garnish : ground cinnamon